Who is neruaelle?


Most people want to know the origin of neruaelle, but it’s nothing fancy. It’s simply my name (Lauren) spelled backwards. By this time people normally start aimlessly staring at the ceiling trying to figure it out, allowing me the opportunity to further explain… –internally laughing–  But it just seemed to stick.

I’m from the ever so beautiful ‘Ventura County, CA’, but dreaming of a life in the big city (NYC, of course)!

I honestly never saw myself as a blogger. I’ve never been the best writer or extremely passionate about anything that I felt was interesting enough to put down on paper. But life changes you, experiences change you, people change you and I’m here to hopefully motivate and inspire you!

From struggling with obesity and eating disorders at a young age to now being an aspiring model/blogger/pup mom/sport fanatic GODDESS, it seems as though I have a voice that YOU may relate with and could benefit from. So I hope you stick around to find out more…

Sincerely, neruaelle xx