Transform your Apartment into your Dream Home: Renters Style

After being out of my childhood home for a year I’m already moving again. The idea was quite overwhelming for someone who has slight OCD tendencies and a habit of wanting to be in control. The saving grace to my sanity was knowing the sanctuary my best friend and I wanted to create with our new place. Feminine but practical, chic but funky, cohesive but extremely colorful. All of which fit our personalities so well!

Spending my entire summer searching and obsessing on where we’d reside, finding a place and being told 5 days before move in it wouldn’t be ready, and signing papers to an apartment I’d only ever seen over FaceTime all led up to my roomie and I finally landed exactly where we were meant to be! All it needed was a sprinkle of my mom and dad’s magic Homegoods fairy dust, Christie’s pink explosion and my ‘lets HGTV this B****’ 😂

The crazy part about renting, specifically being in an apartment complex, is how you can’t really do much. Add pink ✔, add homegoods nicknacks & furniture ✔, add marble countertops, farm style sink and new hardwoods 🚫 but thanks to the interwebs I was able to get creative and make a small change that made big difference.

Here is the model photo of what our apartment looked like upon arrival:

It’s not bad, but being it’s a model photo there is a lot of studio lighting to spruce it up. It could have so much more potential.

Here’s the aftermath of my HGTV-ifying:

This is a faux marble high glossy finish peel and stick PVC. It’s water proof, eco-friendly and looks FABULOUS! Bonus: it’s an easy buy from Amazon!

They come in a million different colors and sizes, so here’s the 411! Getting something that is 4ft wide is ideal! Also, have all the proper tools before you start installation. If you’re in the Los Angeles area I will happily do installations for a fee! Depending on the size of kitchen you have it will take me a few hours to complete! Send me an email with your kitchen/bathroom measurements and style of PVC you like (I.e. marble, concrete etc) and I will provide a quote!

Eventually, we want to add a pretty pink subway tile backsplash (also a peel and stick alternative for renters!) I will make sure to show updated photos when it is complete!

I’d love to see your places! The updates you find ideal and the changes you’ve already made! Put some photos in the comments and let’s create together ❤️