Why I think young women need to stay away from Snapchat.

I remember being in the 6th grade and MySpace just came on the scene and I was immediately addicted. The gratification one would get when you refreshed the home page and had that “NEW!” orange notification appear; it was intoxicating. I remember vividly how my parents thought I was abusing internet privileges because of how many times I refreshed the homepage and my history showed “mypace” repeatedly. (Now mind you, I’m in the 6th grade and like a whole two friends have one…. and back then the auto update didn’t exist, so yuh had to constantly refresh the page to see if new content had been posted) The site caught popularity quickly though.

One aspect to MySpace was actually quite educational! I was obsessed with designing my page and got super into coding. I can slightly understand and read css till this day because of it! But the other half is what shifted our generation and differs us from all the previous. Addiction to the “likes” as it’s known today…

Fast forward a few years and we all know the story, MySpace was soon obsolete and Twitter and Facebook were on the up & up with Instagram on their tales. But the end result was still the same. Post, refresh, repeat. But it had gotten even worse, at least for me, because at this point I’m a bit older and in my first relationship. I would constantly refresh and check social platforms for not only what I was posting and who liked it, but now there was a third party involved. I entered into an online war with my high school boyfriend’s ex lasting three years. Soooo self destructive and I ate right into it making questionable decisions, clapping back when mean comments were directed towards me and having to prove or validate my relationship. I turned into a person I didn’t even like to look at in the mirror.

But social media isn’t this evil entity I think we should all avoid. Actually after removing myself from destructive relationships, social turned into so much positivity, growth and possibilities. Because of Instagram I have met people who have been the catalysts to me traveling the world, kickstarting my modeling career and creating lifelong friendships. So don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it all now. But here’s why do I choose to stay away from Snapchat and why I believe every young female needs too!

What we choose to consume on these platforms (i.e. people we follow, videos we watch, content we engage with, etc) has a huge impact on our mental/emotional health. If you are constantly feeling like you need a detox tea to obtain a flat tummy it’s probably because you are following un-realistic women who promote content which makes you believe you need these products. Snapchat is no different…

Snapchat is known for their filters. It is why most young women are obsessed with the app, but there in itself is the problem! Extremely young women and girls are buying into the idea that these filters are their beauty. The epidemic with people getting plastic surgery to look like these filters. It’s ostentatious.

I have taken a regular iPhone selfie as well as multiple Snapchat filtered selfies. This app is making my nose thinner, chin smaller, eyes larger and crystallized, removed all my blemishes AND my freckles which I love, made my lips plumper, eye lashes long and forehead smaller. These are all things that women have been fed as the ideal from media and now young girls are being showed how they “could” be beautiful, “could” be perfect, “could” be the “ideal” instead of how they could be educated, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and anything they freaking want to be!!!! We are not our bodies. We are not our facial structure. We are so much more. This is a form of control by mass media and I cannot get on board with apps or companies that want to be involved in something so self destructive!

The thing you learn about self love is: you can still want to change while loving yourself exactly as you are! I still want to be stronger, have less skin blemishes, etc. But through self love I know these things will not make me more or less valuable or bring me more happiness because value and happiness do not lie in my appearance, but from within myself, the love I project, intellect I share and relationships I build.

3 thoughts on “Why I think young women need to stay away from Snapchat.

  1. Stepping away from Snapchat & not worrying about having makeup on every time I leave the house made my self image so different it’s insane. I no longer stress about a pimple here, a dark spot there; I just take those things as signs that I need to take better care of myself rather than stress about covering them with foundation or a filter. It’s insane the impact of these things!

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