Self-Love Sunday Vol. III

We need to leave #BodyGoals in 2017, who’s with me?

I used to live by body goals. Whether having Jordan Sparks weight loss photo as my background on my phone back in 2009 or obsessing over Jen Selters instagram page in 2014; I constantly wanted to look like someone else. Then my idea of body goals transitioned to an obsession with thicker girls who I could relate to and really look up to, like Iskra Lawrence or Ashley Graham. But this was not different then years before. I am still idolizing women for there body’s and wanting to be just like them. These women are worth so much more than just their bodies. They are social influencers, authors, app creators and professional singers/models/fitness gurus.

When I started my journey with self-love and body positivity, I knew the first thing that needed to go was my envy of other women. The idea of “If I had her body I would be more worthy”. Instead I worked on my mindset, knowledge and awareness around eating disorders and what self-love truly means to me. I have spent hours working on personal development, started therapy sessions and going to life changing retreats and events in Bali and here in Los Angeles to support this new mindset. This is why I am so inspired to write these Self Love Sunday posts.

So, now I want to help change the narrative on social media. I want to move away from #BodyGoals and starting thinking about #MindsetGoals or #ManifestationGoals. If you see content being advertised in your feed promoting content about needing to lose weight or cinch your waist, REPORT IT! Let us learn and grow from the Jen Selters’ and Ashley Graham’s of the world and not just envy to have there bodies. They are smart ass business women who have voices we need to listen too! We also cannot rely on social media for our worthiness or success. Build content, grow as an individual and find value in what you do and what you offer outside the digital space of today.

In the past two years I have transformed from someone who envied women, spent hours transfix to their social platforms and I’m now someone who has unfollowed any profile which did not inspire me and I have found women like Mel Wells, who is best selling author for Hay House. You are what you surround yourself with. When you surround yourself with positivity, you will in turn be positive! You are in control of your destiny, do not let it pass you by ❤

Sincerely, neruaelle xx

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