Gratitude Journal Vol. 1

When I wake up in the morning I try to always start my days with my gratitude journal. I decided this would be a great topic to continue on this virtual space. In a country which has so much, we seem to lack gratitude. I’m hoping these weekly thoughts will support the idea of being more grateful for what we do have verses the opposite.

This week I want to highlight my beautiful fur-baby, Melody. This little ball of sunshine has completely changed my life. She’s my best friend and no matter what I do (i.e. have a short temper, always have my face in technology or other stupid stunts I pull) she is always there for me. Unconditionally.

Unconditional love. It’s something we as humans crave but do not normally know how to provide it. But a dog, my god do dogs understand the idea of unconditional love!

Last night I came across a video of a homeless man and his pup. Now, disclaimer: I am normally the person who feel so bad for dogs in these situations because they have no way of changing there circumstance. After seeing this video my compassion and understanding for these pups, their owners and the bond between the two grew exponentially. Please see for yourself!

Meet Andy and his pup Bailey

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives and in some instances can be taken for granted. Make sure to hug the pups you have when you see them, like the puppy insta posts if you don’t have these cute companions and support organizations like Animal Hope And Wellness and Vanderpump Dog Foundation who work vigorously to stop the dog meat trade industry in greater Asia. The work they are doing is so important to save the lives of the beautiful animals and friends 💞

Sincerely, neruaelle xx

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