Body Diversity

So, there was some controversy on the interwebs yesterday with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show going yet another year without body diversity and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts.

Now, let’s get one thing straight; every woman involved in last nights airing looked absolutely stunning and has earned their spot on the runway! As well, this was the most diverse racial and nationality show that VS has ever put on, which is a great accomplishment. We just want to see more BODY diversity. There are many brands who have succeeded and are thriving because of their drive for body diversity (i.e. Aerie, Good American, H&M or Christian Siriano are a few.) These brands do not market using “plus size” or have a different category for “curvy girls”. They welcome all sizes and have a multitude of women being represented in their ads and runways: nationalities, races, body types and more.

I do not want to speak for the entire body positive/curvy model community, but I can say confidently I love and admire every woman in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but when will the higher-ups of large brands with influence on the young see the untapped market they are missing? When will they realize, though the women whom they select for these campaigns and runways are beautifully stunning, they are not the only definition of perfection? And when will we see the women who rep these brands beautifully and gracefully join the discussion around body positivity and inclusion?

These are the strides not yet made, but are so needed today in this industry. Tell me your thoughts….

One thought on “Body Diversity

  1. Great post. Actually created an entire editorial dedicated to the topic, shot with girls of all sizes, there’s a whole discussion but I would LOVE for you to see the photos and/or check out the campaign it’s called #AllWomenHaveWings and it’s on the blog as well as in the online mag. I think you’ll love It! Love this post great job ♥️


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