Letter To Myself…

Dear Body,

Thank you for giving me life and strength. You are beautiful; you are worthy. You have done nothing to deserve the way I have treated you.

I am sorry I made you feel as though your worth was measured on the opinions of others and the amount of likes given on social platforms. These are material matters that do not determine wealth or success. I am sorry I have made you feel less of a person because of your imperfections. Calling you names and pin pointing what I disliked about you in the mirror. I’m sorry I spent so much time comparing you to others women and making you feel like you are less than them. I love you just as you are. This no way to treat your best friend. And that is what you are. My Best Friend. My Confidant. You deserve better than what I have given you.

I promise to support you and be your cheerleader. I promise to listen to you when you speak to me about my food choices and amounts of food I put into you. I will show you kindness and loyalty so you do not feel like we are enemies. I promise to trust you and let go of control. Through our growing relationship we will find a happy medium with each other.

I plan to celebrate our journey. I will be aware in our friendship so I can begin to be present in my relationships. I will love you so much that judgement is not a factor. I will believe these words and embody them so we can move forward in peace together.

Thank you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I love you.

Sincerely, neruaelle.

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