32,000 ft

Currently, I am high in the sky above the Pacific Ocean. In my 25 years of life I have never experienced something quite like this. And man did I get lucky with an open middle seat! 🙌🏻🙏🏻

I am on my way to Bali, Indonesia where I will be spending the next 10 days among beautiful women who are looking for the same peace as I. Peace with our bodies, our minds and the food we have let control much of our lives. Mel Wells, author of ‘The Goddess Revolution’, has invited us into her world to learn to love life, food and our relationship with both again.

In Mel’s book, she not only discusses how the diet industries and society has transformed our minds and the way we think and feel about food, but she also discusses her own struggles and how she worked through them.

If you ever once have had a though of going on a diet or calorie counted or even just felt bad about the way you looked, please spend the $10 on amazon and get Mel’s book. I hope it helps you the way it has for me. You can find it HERE.
o just give thanks the the blessings life has given me. My family, my puppy, my job, my body (which I only get one of, so I need to start apprieciating it as much as the other things in this list ❤️) and to those of you who come and read my posts!

Bless you all!

One thought on “32,000 ft

  1. I am over the Moon 🌙 excited that you have taken this opportunity to love life and yourself as much as I love ❤️ you! You are an AMAZING young woman! Wishing you a very successful and joyous journey!


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