Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017 🙏🏻

Wow, it’s been awhile friends.

As much as I want to say it’s not based on a lack of effort or trying, it is 100% such.

The year 2016 did not foster the mental or emotional health I was expecting from it. But that was my first mistake of the year. Expecting, not doing. But as I look back, I cannot imagine the year unfolding any other way. From being ill for more then 6 months before being diagnosed with a viral infection, to the loss of a relationship which I had based so many large decision upon. Or seeing a therapist to regain some perspective on my life and crying through an entire Adele concert. But most importantly, I regained friendships I had lost due to my ex. So many significant things happened in 2016 and it was all meant to fall in place the way it has.

Now beginning 2017 I am taking a different outlook on my life: friendships, relationships, career and my next steps. I have started my list of goals for the year (Everyone should have a list of goals. That is one of Jim Rohns first teachings: goals!) but I have a ways go to. I am writing again to you all and have bigger plans for my blog than even I can understand right now. I even want to start singing again.

I want women to learn and grow from each other, not tear one another down. I want women to feel independent and confident. But most of all I want love, in the world and my life

That is what you’ll find here. And expect nothing less ❤️

e end of 2017:

  1.  I want to have made amazing new friendships
  2. Have amazing experiences in other countries
  3. Give my time to charity
  4. Work on my anxiety
  5. Feed my mind 🙏🏻

What are your aspirations for the new year?

✌🏻❤️ happy 2017 loves

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